Hanyang Group - Who we are

Hanyang Group was established back in 1997, as a 100% Chinese owned company. Founded by the owner Mr. Dong. Hanyang group, employs 350 people in China, and having several overseas offices. The head office is located in Qingdao, China, Shandong province, with additional offices and manufacturing facilities on more than 60.000 square meters.

Hanyang Group - Values and strategy

Hanyang Groups strategy is to be a respected partner who constantly update knowledge, to achieve markets movements.
These movements are in directions of increasing demand of quality system by certification. Especially markedes constant request for competitive prices achieving these head themes require values, which Hanyang group has a clear defination of which are an intigreret mindset in all decisions.


Understanding our customers Support them to optimize solutions.


We are very cost-efficient but without letting it affect the quality to achieve even best results.


We are constantly looking for new solutions when it come to engineering and encourage our people to be innovative.


We deliver what is promised, and inform during process, for ensuring agreed delivery time Quality Quality is for us are total key, poor quality is total destroying, therefore is it so important for us. For constantly maintain a high quality, where the deviations rate in our proses system are kept to the lowest possible level for ensure that, are we work according to Quality systems.