Omni wedge

Omni Wedge is a high strength snap tie wedge designed to slip over the head of standard or heavy duty snap ties to privide ample bearing areal for proper load distribution in to the wales.

A21F flat tie

A21F Flat Ties are used to tie steel frame form panels together.

A21X flat ties

A21X Flat Ties are available in several styles and breakbacks for use with various modular steel frame forming systems.

Sure-Lock Bracket and Speedy Bracket

Sure-Lock Bracket and Speedy Bracket are rugged units designed to accept the Sure-Lock Tie.

Sure-Lock Strongback clamp and Stiffback Bracket

Sure-Lock srongback clamp and stiffback Bracket are used in conjunction with the Sure-Lock Bracket or the Speedy Bracket, respectively to securely hold 2×4 strongbacks to the form.

Jahn a bracket

Jahn A Bracket is designed to be used with short-end snap tie. This durable bracket can be used with horizontal walers or vertical studs.

Spreader cleats

Spreader Cleats are used to form footers or grade beams up to 32″ high.

Wedge bolt

Wedge bolt is used with loop panels ties, plylags etc to secure modular type forms.

Z Tie holder and A-53 Waler Tie

Z Tie Holder is used in conjuction with the A-53 Waler Tie to secure duble 2x lumber wales to modular type forms.

Jahn Cornerlock

Jahn Cornerlock is used at outside corners to secure the 2×4 walers.

Post shore clamp

The 4×4 Shore Clamp is designed to be used hundreds of times.

Rock anchor

Rock Anchor is a preassembled unit tapped with 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ diameter coil thread.

Rod clamps

The Rod Clamps are cast malleable iron Clamps used with smooth or deformed 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ rod to tie forms.

Tightening Wrench

The Tightening Wrench is placed over a smooth or deformed rod behind a rod clamp and is used to draw the assembly tight allowing the clamp to be properly tightened.

Form clamp

The Form Clamp is available in two sizes to handle all smooth and deformed rod diameters from 1/4″ to 5/8″.

Flat washers

The Flat Washers are made from flat steel plate and are available in the sizes shown in the accompanying chart.

Sure-Guard Rebar Protective Cap

The Sure-Guard Rebar Protective Caps have been developed to protect workmen from the hazards of protruding rebar.

D-45, PC-110 and PC-200 Rebar

Protects workers from protruding rebar.

Nylon rail track insert

Rail Track Insert is an internally threaded rail track fastener for a 7/8″-9 UNC threaded bolt.

Slab bolster

Slab Bolster provides a strong, stable support and spacer for rebar in slab or wall applications.