Taper ties

Taper ties are used where specifications permit complete removal of the form tie from the concrete.

D/R Wing nut, D/R Swivel Wing Nut, D/R Cast Nut Washer

5/8″ and 7/8″ Wing Nut is a high strength malleable steel nut with 2-1/2 threads per inch for use with the D/R Thread Bar.

D/R Euro thread bar

The D/R Euro Thread Bar is a hot-rolled high strenght steel with two flat sides in the thread pattern.

Coil rod

Coil Rod is continuous coil threaded rod available in 1/2″ to 1-1/4″ diameters in 1/4″ increments.

Hex coil nuts

Available in standard or heavy. All made from standard hex stock. Available in all diameters. The heavy coil nut twice the length of a standard coil nut.

Wing Nut

The Wing Nut is made of ductile iron and can be used for any application requiring quick removal and application of a nut.

Nut washer

The Nut Washers combine the advantages of a washer and nut into a one-piece ductile iron unit.

Coil bolt

The Coil Bolts are designed for ease of use and durability. Coil bolts have fast acting, self-cleaning coil threads.

Coil loop insert straight

The Coil Loop Insert Straight is made of a signle looped wire strut welded to a helix coil.

Single flared coil insert

The Single Flared Coil Insert is made with the loop end flared for greater anchorage in the concrete.

Double flared coil loop insert

The Double Flared Coil Loop Insert is made with two looped wire struts welded to a helix coil. The insert is suitable for heavy form anchorage in mass concrete construction.

Machine thread coil tie

The Machine Thread Coil Tie is fabricated by tapping one or both coils of a standard coil tie with machine thread.

Expanded coil inserts

The Expanded Coil Inserts are coil or closed ferrule structural connection inserts available in two, four or six strut versions in 1/2″ through 1-1/2″ diameters, with or without nailing washer.

Loop ferrule insert

The Loop Ferrule Insert is a versatile insert suited for structural connections and suspension of equipment, ceilings, piping etc.

Thin slab ferrule insert

The Thin Slab Ferrule Insert is used where the depth of embedment is limited.

Flared thin slab coil insert

Flared Thin Slab Coil Insert is designed for use in very thin slabs or other conditions where a longer insert cannot be used.

Single pickup insert

T-1 Single Pickup Inserts are available with plastic or stainless steel tips and with or without T-21 Insert Locator Plugs installed.

Thin slab coil insert

Thin Slab Coil Insert The Dayton Superior F-53 Thin Slab Coil Insert is designed for lifting thin precast concrete panels from the casting bed and for handling the panels until they are set into their final position.

C-49 Bridge Overhang Bracket

Bridge Overhang Bracket supports bridge deck fascia formwork. It can be mounted to steel or concrete sirders using an appropriate hanging device.

C-49-D Bridge Overhang Bracket for Deep Girders

Bridge Overhang Bracket for Deep Girders supports bridge deck fascia formwork. It has been designed to mount to deep steel or concrete girders, using an appropriate hanging device.

C-49-W bridge overhang bracket

Bracket aids in preventing web of beam from bending during construction of bridge deck. Constructed with all-steel support frame to improve stablity and resist movement.

Turnbuckle form aligners

The Turnbuckle Form Aligners are designed to accurately position and plumb vertical forms.

Plastic assembly

The insert is complete with plastic void and plastic protected wire base.

Panel – Modular Versatility

Our panels come in 36 different sizes and can be combined vertically or horizontally to create almose any dimension. Our is the only handset clamp system that does not have a Top or Bottom.

Panel – System strength

Panels, clamps and ties are designed to withstand 1500 ps of concrete pressure. Our panels are the strongest handset panels available in the world.

Panel – Handset capability

The system only weighs 6.8 lbs per square foot. The panels quickly clamp togehter to create the fastest setting handset system ind the world.