Lifting clutch

The Universal-Head Lifting Clutch is an attachment link for the lifting and transportation of precast concrete units in combination with the spherical-head lifting anchor.

Standard lifting anchor

Standard lifting anchor consists of a round steel rod with a forged foot and head. Suitable for large precast units such as slabs, beams, panels and pipes.

Lifting anchor with eye

The Lifting Anchor with Eye is used whenever, due to special circumstances, the load transfer through an anchor foot is not possible. For use in light-weight concrete units and thin precast concrete units.

Plate lifting anchor

The Plate Lifting Anchor is recommended for all large thin reinforced slabs witch are to be lifted at right-angles to their largest dimension and where the standard pin lifting anchor will not fit in the slab.

Magazine pipe anchor

The Magazine Pipe Anchor has been specially developed for automatic installation in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipes.

Easy lift anchor lifting system

The Easy Lift Anchor Lifting System is designed to economically simplify the lifting and handling of precast concrete elements.

Utility anchor with snap wires

Pending Easily attaches to concrete mesh for side or vertical mounting.

Utility anchor former

Economical alternative for stripping, handling, and setting panels.

Round rubber recess former

To attach the Pin Anchor to the mould. The recess forms a round, hemispherical void in the precast unit to allow lifting in all directions.